Hi there!

My name is Oskar. I am currently not available for contracting work.

Who are you

A forward-thinking company that has real business or products problems you want solved through technology. You choose technology you believe solves your problems the best, not because it is hyped or it is what you learned in school.

What I can offer

Available immediately. Ideally remote, but on-premise in Canada, Europe, or Asia can work for the right candidate. You can see more things I have done here or read my posts here.

Email me@oskarth.com and tell me about your business problem.

1: First production code in 2011, everything from complex web UIs to data wrangling to distributed systems.

2: Developed and launched two products solo in 2017: https://codecards.me/ and https://whisperwalk.io/

3: See (some of) my blog posts.

4: Worked remote with for several years and with multiple teams