NOTE: This page hasn’t been updated since 2017 and is thus quite out of date. See https://oskarth.com for more recent information.


My own company where I bootstrap products.


uSwitch is one of the biggest price-comparison websites in the UK. A lot of their success comes from investing heavily in technology and being good at internet marketing (content marketing and SEO). They have a large staff of talented engineers, and they have been active in the Clojure community for a long time. It was my first time working in an big engineering-focused organization, and I learned a lot. Here are some things I did:


Vaulted is a startup that provides payment solutions for recurring purchases. It was my first encounter with many good things: distributed systems, proper logging, statically typed FP, immutable servers, and FreeBSD. There were two types of things I did there:

Recurse Center

I spent two batches at RC during 2012. There were three main themes that emerged during my time at RC. After my first batch, I wrote a reflection on things I wanted to learn.

Miscellaneous projects